Hello readers! My name is Melody Angel, and I am the proud mom of Morpheus the cocker spaniel. This blog is an outlet for me to document my meditations with my dog’s higher self. Yes, you heard that right! Morpheus is the name of my dog’s higher self. His real name sounds a little less grand, because I named him after my favourite dessert. Out of respect for the family’s privacy, I have chosen not to reveal our real names for now.

Let me tell you how it all began. In December 2020, I started meditating regularly as part of my personal commitment to feel better about myself. I was going through a starseed existential crisis. I had big questions and I was looking for big answers. Why am I here? How am I supposed to carry out my mission on Earth? Why is my family so f***** up? God, please take me back to the mothership! I am still on a spiritual learning journey as I write this.

Morpheus came into my life on 12 March 2020, literally a week before COVID shut down borders and made it impossible to transport animals. He was born in Australia, and he was the last remaining puppy in the litter. Nobody picked him, but that’s because he was meant to be mine. Look at that cute face!

I digress. So it was Christmas Day, 25 December 2020. I had settled into a comfy spot to meditate. I lit up the Diptyque candle that my mom had bought for me as a Christmas gift. As I closed my eyes, I saw two dogs. My family’s german shepherd that had passed away 2 years ago, and my dog Morpheus. Except they appeared in my mind as border collies from a past life!

This was to be the first of many encounters with Morpheus’ higher self. I encourage you to read from the beginning, starting here.

Disclaimer: I cannot say whether my meditations are real or imagined. Who knows if I’m really in touch with my dog’s higher self or some other crazy source of wisdom? All I can say is, I am a woman in my 30s, living life to the fullest with my furry best friend. I am learning a lot from my dog – both in real life and in meditation. I hope this blog will inspire others to embark on a spiritual journey with their pets.