Morpheus and The Angels of Prayer

I was depressed. Months earlier, I had quit my job without a plan. I couldn’t cope with the stress and performance anxiety. Despite my attempts to lighten up, I was denser than a butter cake. I fed myself with negative thoughts and grew heavy on a diet of fear, doubt and self-pity. “You have to send help,” I pleaded with my guides. I felt as though I was fumbling around in spiritual darkness searching for the light switch. Enlightenment eluded me. I was tired of receiving vague signs from the universe like butterflies and weird cloud shapes. “You better make it obvious this time,” I warned them.  

The next morning, as if on cue my former spiritual coach sent me a message. “How are you? Love to catch up.” My spirit guides had heard me. I set up an appointment within the same week. For the past few sessions, we have been working on my inner critic and challenging false beliefs. It has not been easy flipping the narrative. Sometimes I feel like flipping the finger at God instead…

…but in the midst of my frustration, the angels are letting me know that they are here to help.

Artwork by Jack Shalatain.

I recently came across a video by Michael Sandler. The title was screaming at me, “ANGELS want to HELP You – And HERE’S How!”

Michael talked about rising up to a higher level and detaching from the ego. “Your ego will chop you off at the kneecaps to bring you down,” he said dramatically. The ego wants to keep you small, but in recognising that things are falling apart, we can celebrate the opportunity for something greater to come about. “Plug into your angels, stare at nature, hug a tree!” he said. His goofy enthusiasm made me chuckle. I felt the urge to pause the video and call upon my angels.

I dimmed the lights and closed my eyes in meditation…

The angels didn’t come right away. Morpheus, my dog’s higher self, appeared in my third eye. He was wearing an orange backpack and his tail was wagging vigorously as if it had a personality of its own. He was sitting on the other side of a doorway. Beyond him I could see plenty of grass and blue sky.

“Hey buddy, it’s nice to see you again. What’s the backpack for? Are we going on a field trip?” I asked.

“This is for your negative thoughts. You can put them in here and I will take them away for you.” He spoke as if this was a perfectly normal thing to do.

I wondered how I was going to do that as I stepped through the open door. It seemed to be a portal into the spiritual realm. Just then, a mound of rocks appeared on the ground. I knew instinctively that I was supposed to embed my negative thoughts into those rocks. I rattled off a string of self-abusive statements. It was an easy task.

“I’m a failure….I’m not good enough….I’m a bad person….I hate myself.” The words flowed out of me like a polluted river and imprinted themselves on the rocks. I began to worry that these ill-creations of mine would be a burden for Morpheus to carry. I stopped what I was doing and began stuffing the rocks into his backpack. When I was done, he trotted off into the grassy terrain and I followed closely behind. He didn’t seem to mind carrying the backpack. Soon, we approached the top of a cliff where a group of angels were waiting for us. They greeted us with smiles. I could make out faint rainbows around them. I wondered if they left a trail of baby rainbows wherever they went.

I was picking up on “My Little Pony” vibes.

An angel stepped forward to take the backpack from Morpheus. “Thank you, Morpheus,” he said in gratitude as he emptied the contents onto the ground.

“Who are you?” I addressed the group of angels. I had never met these angels before. I had a sense that they were different from the Archangels or Guardian Angels. They looked homogenous in their white robes.  

“We are the Angels of Prayer. Our job is to work with humans through the power of thoughts and prayers. We are helping you to reset your thought patterns by transforming negative beliefs into positive truths.” The angels formed a circle around me and held hands. I realised they were praying. Their eyes were closed and their bodies were luminous even in broad daylight. The rocks in the centre were glowing with a soft orange hue. As they prayed, the negative words inscribed on the rocks began to disappear. “This is an opportunity for you to rewrite your thoughts,” they said. “We are assisting you to cleanse these negative beliefs from your energetic body and replace them with the vibration of love.”

I understood what I had to do. I focused my attention on the rocks and summoned a positive thought, “I am love.” The words immediately appeared on a rock. “I am light,” I said. The words magically appeared on another rock. “I am joy. I am peace. I am infinite.” I kept going. As the words materialised, I could feel the love of the angels overpower the darkness within me. Tears welled up in my eyes. When I was finished, an angel stepped forward and handed me a box.

“This is a gift from God,” said the angel.

I opened the box and inside was a smooth grey stone with a single word engraved in gold, “Love”.  My heart overflowed with gratitude and I thanked the angels for this precious gift.

They began to disappear slowly, one by one. I could not see them but I could still hear them. “Call upon us anytime” they said in unison. “We are always here, even if you cannot see us.”

I stood for a moment at the top of the cliff, letting it all sink in. Morpheus was still beside me. “It’s time to go,” he said. I picked up the rocks that were now inscribed with words of love and affirmation. I put them into the backpack along with my gift from God. We walked back the same way we came. This time, the Archangel Sandalphon greeted us at the door, “Welcome back from your trip,” he said. Just then, I remembered a vision I had several months ago of Archangel Sandalphon and Morpheus standing in a corridor. They were looking at me through the doorway, wanting to speak to me from the other side, but I couldn’t hear them. This place was a go-between the physical and spiritual dimensions.

Archangel Sandalphon spoke, “We have been waiting for you to take this trip for a very long time.” I could feel the love and wisdom radiating from his being.

“Thank you for your guidance.” I said to him as a wave of emotions overcame me.

 “The angels are rejoicing at your reawakening,” he responded. I was moved to tears by his angelic presence and felt overwhelmed by what I had just experienced. I needed to ground myself.

“Go home child” he said gently and pushed the door open to the physical realm. I walked through it.

As I opened my eyes and sat up in bed, I saw a small speck of light coming through a hole in the blackout curtains. In my moment of darkness, the light had found its way through the veil.

I would like to end with a prayer by the author and spiritual teacher, Lorna Byrne.

Prayer of Thy Healing Angels
that is carried from God by Michael Thy Archangel 

Pour out Thy Healing Angels,
Thy Heavenly host upon me,
And upon those that I love.
Let me feel the beam of Thy Healing Angels upon me,
The light of your healing hand.
I will let Thy Healing begin,
Whatever way God grants it,


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