Love Advice from The Archangel Chamuel


I am a coach struggling to be a coach. Yup. If you have read my previous entries, you will know that I have ambitions to be a healer and light-worker. I was born to do it, but my self-doubt often gets in the way. Last year, I sent out a cry to the universe for HELP!!!!! I figured, if I wanted become a better coach, then I have to go through the process myself. I need to know what it feels like to be vulnerable in front of someone and to really get the help that I need. I met 3 coaches, before I found “the one”. I shall refer to her as Special K (like the cereal). I wanted to grow my business. I wanted clients. I wanted to HELP PEOPLE DAMMIT. Surely there are plenty of people out there who need my help? There’s a pandemic going on for Christ’s sake! Why are they not coming to me? I was kinda angry.

A snippet of my internal conversation went like this.

My soul: Desperate much?

My ego: You need to earn more MONEY MONEY MONEY.

My soul: That’s a lack-of-abundance mindset. Focus on self-love.

My ego: You need to go back to school to earn another degree, so people will think you are more qualified. You need a digital marketing expert to get your business off the ground. You need to go to more networking events. You need a bigger job title.

My soul: Shut up. You need help.

My ego: That’s a lot of money to spend on coaching sessions. Do you really need that?

I listened to my soul. I met Special K in December 2020. My ego wanted answers on how to grow a successful business. My soul was overshadowed, but Special K saw through the ego crap in the first session. (She refers to her spirit guides as “the mob”. Badass).

My coach guided me through a meditation in our first session. She encouraged me to get in touch with my guides. My ego recoiled. Oh noooo!!! I had tried this a dozen times, while listening to YouTube soundtracks on “Meet Your Spirit Guides”.  It had never worked on me. My ego was jumping up and down for attention, “Aren’t we supposed to be working on a business plan?” I have to admit, nothing life-changing happened during that first meditation, but it opened the gateway for plenty of amazing spiritual connections to happen afterwards.

Every week, Special K gives me homework to help with my spiritual progress. The blog entries are a result of my spiritual experiences thus far, and most of them are related to the homework.

An Encounter with The Archangel Chamuel

On this particular week, Special K gave me an assignment. She asked me to tune into Mother Mary and bring forward a message for a close family member. In case you’re wondering why Mother Mary, it’s because this family member (I shall refer to her as Leah) feels a special connection to her, even though she is not religious. And neither am I for the record. Leah wanted advice on a man. Oh great, she just had to pick a hard relationship question. I had my own opinions, and I was worried they would get in the way of receiving a genuine message.

So here’s the backstory. Leah has been in a relationship roller-coaster with a man who lives in another country. Over the past few years, it has gone from platonic friendship to a one-sided relationship (he was in love, she wasn’t), to spurned love (she did the spurning), to reawakened love after a near-death experience with COVID (he nearly died, she reawakened). That’s 4 years in a nutshell.

I sent out a “help!” alert to my guides. You better help me with this one! My mind was already searching for solutions or any practical piece of advice that I could come up with. I decided to postpone the reading. Spiritual homework is hard!

The next day, I watched a YouTube video about Kayt Raymond and her ability to communicate with the angels. She spoke about how we can call on certain angels if we needed help in specific areas of our lives. I recalled how Lorna Byrne had said the same thing in her book – that there are millions of “unemployed” angels just waiting to help us. It could be the Angel of Gardening or the Angel of Babysitting. We only have to call on them. “Oh boy! I could really use the Angel of Love right now,” I thought. Immediately, a name flashed in my mind “Archangel Chamuel”. Whoa. Where did you come from? I am familiar with a few of the archangels, but I am not acquainted with the Archangel Chamuel.

So I did what every skeptical millennial would do when faced with doubt. I googled. And this is what came up. “Archangel Chamuel is an Angel of pure love and brings powerful spiritual illumination into your life. When you are feeling anxious, sad, lonely or heartbroken due to circumstance beyond your control, call upon this Archangel to fill your heart with love.” HOLY MOLY. He’s the angel of friggin love and relationships! Did I really just make contact with an Archangel?

I decided it was time to meditate on Leah’s question. Of course it wasn’t Mother Mary that stepped forward that night. It was the Archangel Chamuel. In my mind’s eye, he appeared in a white gown surrounded by pink light.

Archangel Chamuel, the angel of love and relationships.

His energy was gentle and serene. The first thing he communicated was this: “Ask her the guiding question: What is the lesson you want to learn from this experience?”

What? I jerked out of problem-solving mode. Ask her a question? Is that good enough? You mean, I don’t have to provide a solution? Apparently not. He reminded me that as empaths and light-workers, we are not here to give the answers but to provide clarity.

Okayyyy…but can you give me more than that?

Archangel Chamuel spoke, “This relationship dynamic is teaching her how to get in touch with her emotions. It is teaching her about the different facets of love. He has taken her through the whole spectrum. From friendship, to flattery, to irritation, to rejection, to awakened feelings of love after a near-death experience. In her previous marriage, she was sleepwalking through a mismatched union. Now, she is experiencing these emotions fully awake.”

I thanked Archangel Chamuel for the insight. Leah had shared with me how she felt completely numb in her previous marriage. She was so out of touch with her emotions, that she felt like a zombie going through the motions. Archangel Chamuel was showing me that her current relationship was giving her the opportunity to experience love and many other emotions through the gift of a single human connection. No matter how good or bad those emotions were. It felt irrelevant to ask if he was the “right” man for her, because he is right in every way to deliver the lesson at hand.

Morpheus suddenly appeared. I smiled. “What do you want, you cheeky little bugger?” He said, “Tell her to spend more time with me. I will show her what unconditional love means. The type of love that is free from expectations. It will help her to get in touch with the vibration of pure love. When the “right” man comes along, she will recognise this feeling right away. There will be no question about it.”

“Okay Morphy, I will try my best to get her to do that.” The love of dogs is so powerful.

“Promise you’ll tell her?”

I don’t know what the future holds for the two of them. He may or may not be Mr. Right, but whatever happens, it is a big lesson on love and I’m sure they will both be better people because of it. If you are looking for love in a relationship, find it within yourself first. And if you’re struggling to do so, a pet can help you to rebalance your energies. Animals can teach us that there is no such thing as give and take when it comes to true love. As Morpheus says, unconditional love means there is no expectation of reciprocation. Love exists in abundant supply for all.  

Morpheus on his first visit to the vet last year. My baby is growing up so fast 😭

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