Love is a Circle

Morpheus appeared before me in a superman cape. “I may be small, but I am mighty!” he declared. It was New Year’s Day 2021 and I was in meditation with my dog’s higher self. The earthly version of Morpheus was probably lolling about in the house, getting tummy rubs from a very obliging family member. But for now, his higher self was talking to my third eye.

“My purpose on this Earth is much bigger than my cute little body,” he said rather adamantly. I tried not to giggle, because I sensed he had an important message to deliver. “I am here to teach you that love doesn’t have to be limited by social roles – the role of the boyfriend, the father, the mother. Love is just LOVE. It transcends everything.”

Okay Morpheus, I’m listening.

He showed me a small sphere of light, which represented his light body. It was floating over a dark pond and it sent ripples into infinity. The water gleamed with his soul’s reflection.

All of a sudden, I envisioned myself as a glowing golden sphere within the Earth. My being was illuminating the planet. The immense expanse of the universe took my breath away.


The vision quickly faded away. I saw a tree within a circle. It sprouted branches that seemed to grow at an exponential rate, like a time lapse in a nature documentary. (In retrospect, I believe I was shown the Tree of Life.)

I was puzzled. Why are you showing me circles and spheres?” I asked Morpheus.

He responded, “Like a circle, there is no hierarchy in love. There is no natural order of things. When you are in the presence of love, everything just IS.”

Oftentimes, we hold on to the belief that our parents are responsible for showing us the meaning of unconditional love. But it works in the reverse too. A child can be incarnated to teach a parent how to love. Morpheus was helping me to understand that there is no right or wrong way. Many of us have decided to return in the physical form to teach our elders how to love better.

Morpheus elaborated, “You are setting an example. When your parents watch how you interact with me and witness your love for me on a daily basis, they are learning through observation. I am like a “guinea pig”, because they can practice how to love without fear of reprisal or rebuke from me.” Dogs truly embody unconditional love.

Love is infinity times a hundred. That is why we lose track of time when we are in love. Love has no bounds, it has no rules, and it has no social constructs. Whether it comes in animal or human form, love is love. You gotta receive, reciprocate, and pay it forward.  

That’s Morpheus with a mouthful of twigs from the garden, because this doggy enjoys the simple life.

[UPDATE: My father who is usually very reserved about expressing his emotions has recently started taking Morpheus on morning walks around the neighbourhood. He admits that he talks to Morpheus on these walks. He’s like a grandpa spending quality time with his furry grandson. My mother, who NEVER allowed family dogs into the house before has made it part of her daily routine to conduct “doggy preschool” sessions in her home office. She literally has a whole stockpile of interactive toys for him to train his brain. ]

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