My Dog’s Past Life

On Christmas Day 2020, I had my first spiritual encounter with my dog on “the other side”. Before I begin the story, allow me to share a few events that led up to that point.

In mid December, I started working with a spiritual mentor, who is presently coaching me on several personal issues. One of the issues that came up was the guilt I felt over the family dog’s passing. Although I am in love with my current dog, a cocker spaniel named Morpheus (pictured above), memories of the former family dog were troubling me. Years ago, my mother had bought a dog, a german shepherd, while I was away at university. I was 18 or 19 at the time (I’m 34 now).

For the sake of this blog, I shall call him Regis. My mother never allowed Regis into the house, because of her rigid house rules. He was kept outside in an enclosed area where he didn’t have much freedom to roam around. He deteriorated over time in his confined surroundings, and towards the end of his life, he developed a skin condition and was very prone to ear infections. He was taken to the vet several times to receive treatment, but his condition became chronic. I am certain that he could’ve had a better life indoors, living with the family and receiving better care. I silently resented my mother for her neglect, and I felt enormous guilt for not doing more to help him.

Going into this meditation, I wanted to know why Regis had come into our lives. Why did he sign up for this life? What did he learn? What was in the contract?

I lit my meditation candle, plugged in my earphones, and turned on some angelic music. I closed my eyes and immediately saw a vision of a border collie. What is this!? I asked. It didn’t look like Regis, but it was him! Regis began showing me mental pictures of who he was in a former life. I tried to make sense of these images with my mind. Regis wasn’t talking to me verbally, but I believe he was conveying his thoughts telepathically or somehow inspiring the thoughts that popped into my mind.

This is what I wrote down in my journal that day.

“I was a border collie in 1920s Ireland. My job was to heard sheep. Morpheus and I were brothers from different litters (same father, but different mothers). My coat was brown, black and white. Morpheus had a black and white speckled coat. We spent our days running around on open land chasing sheep. The climate was cold and damp. We always got so muddy!

Our names were Max (Regis) and Rex (Morpheus), but dad called us Maxie and Rexie. Dad’s name was John. He is your grandfather today. He always walked around with a pipe. He wore a tweed jacket, britches, knee-high boots and a newsboy cap. He would whistle with his two fingers and we would come racing back to him. He loved us very much. He was a patient and kind man, but he wasn’t always like this. In his youth, he was involved in gangster activity, smuggling contraband cigarettes and alcohol. When he got older, he wanted a peaceful life, so he became a sheep farmer and he also grew potatoes.

This is what I imagine Maxie (left) and Rexie (right) looked like.

In that lifetime, I experienced pure love, peace and freedom. In my life with your family, I wanted to learn about rejection, isolation and confinement. I felt powerless and resigned to my fate.”

[At this point, I was in tears and asked him for forgivingness.]

“But I chose this life,” said Regis. “There is nothing to forgive. You were powerless too. You were meant to learn through contrast about the power of love. Where you felt powerless to help me, you are now empowered by love through Morpheus.”

[That got me straight through the heart. I tried my best to stay in the meditation.]

He continued to communicate his message.

“I didn’t reincarnate for you specifically. I came to teach your mother about love through contrast. I made a pact with your grandfather before we came here to teach your mother about expressions of love. Morpheus is here to heal your family. He is a very new soul, who hasn’t learned about the “darkness” in the world. He enjoyed his life so much as a border collie that he wanted to reincarnate into another loving family. He’s learning more about regiment, restrictions, and rules in this life, but very gradually.”

[Side note: After Regis passed away, my mother wanted to bring another dog into the family. I was resistant at first, but I agreed on the condition that Morpheus was allowed to live indoors with the family. I am determined for this little soul to have the best life possible. I cook his food, he sleeps in my bed, and he gets plenty of cuddles. I will do another blog post on his pampered life in the near future.]

Back to the meditation…

I asked Regis what he wanted to be in his next life.

“I want to be a badass gangster, like what your grandfather used to be. I’ve only heard about the stories from his youth. I want to experience it for myself! I’m done being a dog. I am waiting for your grandfather to return to heaven so that we may come back as father and son [my grandfather has been very ill the last few years]. I will be a rebellious son, but he will know how to handle me because he’s done this before. He will be my teacher and mentor in my next life.”

Will we meet again? I asked.

“Nope, you and I are done.” He said this with a smart-ass attitude and a half smile, as if he was practicing his gangster speech. His image faded away.

I came out of the meditation completely in awe of what had transpired. My rational mind kicked in. Was I making up wild stories? Did potato farmers in 1920s Ireland dress that way? Were there border collies in Ireland back then? I’ll admit, I googled some of these questions. Eventually, I made up my mind that it would be a disservice to myself and the integrity of the process if I tried to prove or disprove anything.

Throughout the meditation, I had a sense of how everyone is interconnected like a big web. I knew that whichever direction I chose to take, it would lead me deeper and deeper into the web that connects us all. I didn’t ask if my mother was present in that past life, but I’m sure I would’ve found a connection somewhere. I might explore that in another meditation. Until next time, I shall leave you with this smug picture of Morpheus.

“So you had a life changing experience eh?”

3 thoughts on “My Dog’s Past Life

  1. How wonderful to have discovered your blog – through a FB post from KAren. Looking forward to reading more. I must say that I wish meditation came that easily for me. It seems I do best when guided or prompted. Morpheus is such a cutie!

    Liked by 1 person

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